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Couples Therapy

Marriages and relationships can feel challenging for many different reasons. Problems range from the stresses of work and juggling very busy lives, finances, parenting, blended families, in-laws or extended families, sex and life stages, all the way through to infidelity and betrayal.

People often seek relationship therapy or counselling when there is communication breakdown; which can be experienced as constant arguing or disconnection, and often results in couples struggling to talk to each other and listen. For some couples the real issues can be obscured by ongoing negative cycles and repeated patterns of destructive behaviour.

Perhaps your relationship has come to a crossroads and you have some difficult decisions to make. You might be thinking about separating or ending your relationship and want to do it in the most amicable way possible. You may be coming to terms with a break up or you might not be in a relationship right now and want to look at why. Or you might be entering into a new relationship and want to prevent historical negative patterns from repeating themselves. You might have a good relationship and want to keep it that way or make it even stronger.  

Couples improve their relationships faster with a good understanding of the dynamics underlying their behaviour and utilising the latest research; this is something I am able to explain in straight forward terms. I will support and enable you to understand why you do what you do in stressful interactions and help you to learn new, more effective responses. I will offer you tools and techniques that are specific to your particular situation and your stage of relationship and will provide you with resources to help contribute to your success.

Whatever the issue, you will be in a confidential, supportive environment

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