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What is Narrative Therapy?

​Narrative therapy is a collaborative postmodern approach to therapy that is client-centred and agentic. It approaches the client’s worldview and experiences with respect, honouring beliefs, values, aspirations and self-understanding. 


Narrative therapy and solution focussed approaches are strength based and tap into individuals resources and abilities. The philosophy behind Narrative therapy acknowledges that we all have unique skills and abilities that can assist us to change our relationship with the problems and challenges in our lives (Freedman & Combs, 1996; Madsen, 2007). From a narrative perspective problems are viewed as external or separate from the person and the problem is the problem, not the person. This helps you to distance yourself from the problem, which will enable you to be more objective and allow alternatives to become more visible and therefore accessible (White, 2007).


Narrative therapy is a respectful, non-blaming, non-judgemental approach that provides: 


  • A safe place to be heard

  • A process to discover possibilities and insights that will support you

  • An opportunity to strengthen and resource you

  • Conversations that create hope

  • Reduces the feelings of being overwhelmed


By identifying strengths and bringing stories of resilience forward you can discover possibilities and insights that support you to move towards a preferred way of living. 

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