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Relationship Ready - An Online Course for Women Who Want More

A 12-week program with a straightforward approach and a proven step-by-step process. The group course is divided into two six-week workshops, with a one-week break in the middle of each course. Throughout the course, you will gain an understanding and valuable insights into the challenges you face, along with skills that lead to greater energy, confidence and authentic happiness. Designed to help you with all of your relationships, from romantic partnerships to family, friends, and even the relationship you have with yourself. Uncover your personal power to pursue your goals with passion and purpose, while building the skills necessary for long-term sustainable change. Relationship Ready complements both couple and individual therapy, providing a valuable resource for your personal growth and fulfilment. 


I understand that not everyone is comfortable working in groups.  

 That's why I offer the option to complete the program individually at your own pace. Each module comes with individual coaching sessions to ensure you get the support you need throughout your journey. Providing the flexibility and personalised coaching that can help you achieve your goals more effectively. So whether you prefer to work alone or with a group, this program is designed to cater to your individual needs and preferences.


Each week you will have access to new a Module that you can listen to at your convenience and a live Q & A session. All Modules are recorded and broken down into manageable lessons. Each session builds upon the previous one. You will develop a clear understanding of the foundational principles, skills, and strategies you’ll need to create the life and relationships you want during the following modules:

Module 1.png

Module 1 - Introduction
Stuff you need to know

This module outlines what we are going to cover over the next 12 weeks and how. Key concepts are explained, and the ‘Success path’ with milestones and action steps is outlined.

Module 2 - Intention
Having a clear vision

In this module, we are going to start laying down the foundations. You will develop a clear vision for yourself based on your values. You will set clear intentions and goals for what you want to achieve during our time together based on your hopes for the future.

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Module 3.png

Module 3 - Self Awareness
Looking in the mirror

Developing self-awareness is your key to moving forward. But it takes courage to look in the mirror and face your reality. During this module, you will learn the importance of empathic self-confrontation and gain insight into how you have contributed to where you are right now and step out of the blame cycle.

Module 4 - In The Driving Seat
Living consciously

Here we explore the influences of your family of origin and how they condition and shape your experience. You will learn how to break the patterns and cycles you find yourself repeating.

Module 8.png

Module 5 - Mindset Shift
Challenging the internal voice 

It’s time to start living consciously and intentionally and stop self-sabotaging behaviours. You will learn how to let go of limiting core beliefs, self-destructive behaviours and perfectionism to develop a stronger sense of self.

Module 6 - Mastery of Your Emotions
Finding emotional freedom

Here you will learn strategies to free yourself from harmful reactive and ineffective behaviours. As well as understanding your triggers and developing the ability to self-regulate and self-soothe, dealing with complicated and difficult feelings mindfully.

Images for modules-3.png

Module 7 - Being Brave
Finding your voice

You will understand the importance of having a voice and speaking up, even when it's challenging. Developing the ability to self-reflect and define your feelings, wants and desires. Enabling positive self-expression while tolerating risk, being vulnerable, and exploring differences. You will also increase your ability to listen, hear and respond to others productively.

Module 8 - Stepping Into Your Power
Developing emotion muscle

This module is about enabling you to STOP people-pleasing or over-functioning, putting the needs of others above your own & giving yourself away. Implementing boundaries and assertive communication, learning to say no! Reclaiming your power and life.

Module 9.png

Module 9 - The Dance
Relationship Dynamics

In this module, you will gain an understanding of relational dynamics, including the difference between intimacy and closeness, the influence of attachment adaptations in relationships and how your ‘love languages’ play out.

Module 10 - Passion & Purpose
The life you aspire to have

By now, your confidence has increased, and you're feeling empowered. You feel more energised and invigorated and are much clearer knowing what will lead you to happiness. It's time to explore your passions and define your purpose.

Images for modules.png

Module 11 - A New Baseline
Loving yourself

Loving yourself is prioritising and making space for you, it's your new baseline! The last concept we explore is embracing the law of attraction and gratitude to cement an improved sense of wellbeing, supporting you to be your best version of yourself and owning it!

Module 12 - Wrapping Up
Keep moving forward

We will be tying up loose ends. Review what we have covered, celebrate your wins, identify your remaining challenges or roadblocks and the strategies to keep you on track. To keep moving forward. What’s next …


There will be an extended Q & A after this module.

Module 12.png

Your Investment

Group Workshop:
         One payment of $799                   or           
Two payments of $420

Weekly payments of $80  

12x recorded Modules

Ongoing live Q&A sessions

Downloadable workbook and resources

Thanks! You will hear from me soon.

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