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Perry King (MNZAC)
Relationship Therapist

About Me 

I thrive in being able to help individuals & couples flourish and build stronger, healthier relationships

I work as a Relationship Therapist with couples and individuals, supporting them to find their way through life’s challenges and the difficulties they face in relationships. I assist clients to develop their goals for therapy; find long-term solutions to their problems and explore new possibilities as they move into preferred ways of being. By employing a variety of approaches I help clients re-engage and connect with each other, improve their communication skills, develop emotional and sexual intimacy, repair relationship hurts and build stronger more sustainable relationships. 

Relationship Therapy Can Help You:

  • Understand your relationship and how you feel about each other

  • Reconnect with why you were initially attracted to each other

  • Determine what you want from your relationship and from each other

  • Reflect on how you have both contributed to the current health of your relationship 

  • Understand the normal and natural stages and struggles couples encounter in relationships 

  • Recognise and address unhealthy patterns of behaviour and responses to conflict

  • Identify what you are prepared to do to make your relationship work

  • Learn how to communicate effectively in your relationships

Couples Therapy

Couples improve their relationships faster with a good understanding of the dynamics underlying their behaviour

Individual Therapy

Individuals engage in relationship therapy or counselling to help them learn from their past, so as not to repeat their mistakes in the future

What you can expect

We will explore your hopes for therapy and what you want to achieve during this process

A collaborative, relational and solution focused approach, guided by the principals of Narrative Therapy and implementing the Bader Pearson Developmental Model of Couple Therapy providing a proven methodology for effective interpersonal development.

I am passionate about relationship therapy and will provide a safe environment for you to talk about your situation; support your understanding of the issues you face and find meaning and hope in your experience.


All your information will be held in the strictest confidence unless your safety, or the safety of others is at risk. Every effort will be made to discuss this with you prior to any action being taken.

Crisis Support

Please note I cannot offer immediate response or crisis support. Therefore, if you are concerned for your own safety, or the safety of another person you should contact the emergency services (dial 111), see your GP or go to the emergency department at your local hospital.


You can also contact one of the crisis services listed on the following web page:

You will be able to access the phone number for the DHB crisis team nearest to you, as well as other services.

Contact Me

Please phone, text or email for an appointment 

Tel: 021 778 392

All calls, txts and emails will be responded to within 24 hours.

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