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Relationship Ready - An Online Course for Women Who Want More

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Many of us grow up with the romantic notion of the ‘fairy tale’ relationship… you kiss a few frogs, meet your prince or princess charming, and live happily ever after! Unfortunately, this is a fairy tale in every sense of the word. 


As a relationship therapist and coach, specialising in couples therapy for over a decade, I’ve learned the tough reality that the ‘honeymoon’ phase of any relationship lasts roughly six months to two years, and then it starts to change.


For many, it can feel like their relationship is beginning to unravel… their perfect partner is no longer quite so perfect! They begin to notice issues in their partner’s behaviour that they previously overlooked or dismissed, and challenges in the relationship dynamics start to surface. The Fairy Tale Relationship is starting to feel Grimm!


The truth is that relationships are not always easy. They can be downright challenging and complex, pushing us to our emotional limits. Sometimes, we may act in ways that we're not too proud of. For many, this can lead to negative self-talk and feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness that can take a heavy toll on our sense of self. It's common to fall into the trap of thinking we're not cut out for relationships, or even worse, feeling like a failure and that we're unlovable and not good enough. Some may even feel lost or broken.

These negative beliefs can wreak havoc in our lives and cause us to end up in unhealthy or toxic relationships in all areas of our lives, including friends, family, colleagues, and intimate partners.

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If you are a woman over 30 who feels:

  • Inadequate or that you aren’t enough

  • That deep down, it must be you at fault

  • You’re destined to settle for less, or be alone and lonely

Are you:

  • Your own worst critic and can’t get rid of that inner voice of guilt and shame

  • Often comparing yourself with others

  • Caught in the struggle of perfectionism 

  • Fed up repeating the same mistakes and making poor choices

If you are:

  • Willing to be open-minded and curious about yourself and your patterns

  • Ready to change and grow – maybe with a little letting go

  • Wanting to find deeper more satisfying relationships

Then Relationship Ready is the course for you…

I was motivated to develop Relationship Ready because I get it - I’ve been there!
But I’ve also seen first-hand how so many women have experiences that could be avoided if only they knew how or had the support and encouragement to do things differently and prioritise themselves.  

During the 12 weeks with Relationship Ready you will learn how to:

  • Create the life you want, fuelled by your passion, and connect with a more profound sense of purpose

  • Love, value, and appreciate yourself, and develop a healthier, happier relationship with yourself, others, and intimate partners

  • Set a clear intention for your vision and goals, which builds on your core values and individual strengths

  • Reset the conditioning and beliefs that have shaped you and impacted your life

  • Take personal responsibility to change your experience

  • Set yourself up for better relationships

Transformation is possible, and that's what is exciting! Learning and working together with other women makes the process fun.. even magical! If Relationship Ready sounds like something you are interested in, reach out with any questions.

To sign up to this exciting course and the proven step-by-step process that works enter your details below:

If you are a woman who wants more reach out now. 

Thanks! You will hear from me soon.

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